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We offer a wide range of focused consulting services to support business transformation and digital change:

  • How to prepare for and execute change considering existing business structures: Formal evaluation of current operational and business functions and processes with workforce engagement to identify exactly what digital and business change mean and how improvement can be made.
  • How to embed ‘digital and mobile first’ from securing business case approval and key stakeholder support through to formal training and implementation planning as part of formal delivery governance.
  • How to plan and implement a digital transition blueprint (DTB) for moving established workforce to improved handheld devices across different operating platforms with consideration to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as a driver to supporting user adoption and long term strategy.
  • How to exploit secure mobile email, integrated SatNav, Near Field Communication, RFID, Man Down support and wearable solutions, 3rd party Apps and peripherals to reduce effort, cost and risk whilst increasing safety, confidence, compliance and productivity for staff on the move.
  • Case study overview walkthroughs of how major blue chip organisations have already successfully undertaken targeted digital change and have adopted new ways of working with new handheld technology to drive productivity with paths for ongoing improvement.
  • Guidance on the development, presentation and distribution of management information gathered from mobile working can be optimised and fed back into operations to support productivity, efficiency and performance through bespoke TOM and MOS (Target and Management Operating Systems)
  • Engaging and working with technology vendors through often complex assessment and bid process to drive best purchase outcomes.
  • Setting up mobile focused support capability both on and offshore and how to implement robust data security and compliance through remote device management.

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