Health checks provide an insightful, high-level snapshot of your project or programme activities. By identifying areas of success and areas in need of improvement, our health checks are an effective foundation for the entire project assurance process.

If your project or programme is high-profile and business-critical this function is critical to success. When projects or programmes come up against challenges or bow under the pressure of stakeholder input, you need a method to get back on track – and that’s what assurance provides. It is often the case that those closest to a project or programme are blinkered by process which can lead to issues and risks being introduced into the delivery lifecycle which then go unattended and this can lead to failure.

To start this important process, our initial health check will give your business:

  • Detailed validation of new or in flight cost benefit analysis or business case.
  • Full risk, issue and dependency assessment for new or existing projects and programmes.
  • Review of Human Factors to include relationships, commitment and common and complex threats to success.
  • Agreement on benchmark to measure and improve project efficiency.
  • Identification of key delivery improvements that can be applied quickly and easily (reduction of duplication and improvement of quality improvement).
  • A bespoke plan for rapid uplift in project or programme performance from the point assistance commences.

Our experts can help to build project maturity and organisational knowledge share, starting with our proven health check. Working with any industry, project, programme or methodology – whether traditional, waterfall, agile or iterative – we’re here to boost success rates in a clear, achievable and sustainable way.