As technology evolves, regulations change and consumer expectations reach new heights, businesses face growing pressure to enhance and understand their internal audit capabilities. Combined with the need for complex risk management and the ability to meet strict time and budget constraints, project and programme audit has an important role to play in business success.

So how can your business strengthen and support your own project teams to meet ever-changing requirements of the industry and wider business landscape? Internal auditing is an absolute necessity for forward-thinking, ambitious businesses. A well-executed, thorough audit allows definition and application of:


  • Well defined objectives and success criteria to support meeting goals.
  • Clear articulation of undefined concerns, risks, issues and barriers to success; revised and transparent risk approach.
  • Blueprint for management and ownership of key existing and new business processes.
  • Identification of inefficient organisational structures, effort duplication and waste.
  • Position and support the definition of new Management Operating Systems and/or Target Operating Models.
  • Formalises the development of lessons learnt throughout the lifecycle and the application of Post Implementation Review.


Information collected from your audit will be illuminating and insightful. As independent technology consultants, we consider every business on a case-by-case basis – ensuring you get the support and insight needed to empower your teams, manage risk, and work in an agile and cost-effective way. We ask important, relevant questions – allowing us to audit your project in a collaborative, supportive and diplomatic way. We don’t just ask ‘have the risks been reviewed and mitigated?’, but ‘have the right risks been considered?’ and ‘have all the possible risks been uncovered and fully quantified?’.

Our audit offering is not a one-time-only benefit – it’s a lasting contribution to the governance of all your transformation and change projects.